Sitting out the Battle

July 23rd, 2006 by Yaakov Ellis

Rav Gil from Hirhurim gives some aliyah mussar based on current events and a verse in Parashat Matot.

He cites the verse:

ויאמר משה לבני גד ולבני ראובן: האחיכם יבאו למלחמה, ואתם תשבו פה

And Moshe said to the sons of Gad and the sons of Reuven: Will your brothers go to war and you will sit here?

Bamidbar 32:6

In context, Reuven and Gad were presuming to remain on the Eastern side of the Jordan River, sitting out the battles for the conquest of the Land of Israel. Rav Gil related this primarily to Yeshiva exemptions from the army in Israel, and secondarily to people who live in chutz l’aretz. I would reverse the order though – the passuk here is talking of people volunteering to remain outside of the land of Israel instead of joining the rest of the Jews in Israel in the Land of Israel during their wars. The direct parallel today seems to be Jews remaining in Chutz L’aretz.

The comparison to exemptions from Yeshiva may be valid, but you definitely have to read into the passuk a little bit more to get it.

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