Sorry for the Absence

December 23rd, 2005 by Yaakov Ellis

There are some good reasons why I have not written many posts in the past few weeks:

  • My busiest week at work ever
  • Packing almost all of the things from our apartment onto a lift
  • Going through everything else and sort into the following categories: throw away, give away, sell, pack
  • Had last day at work
  • Left apartment for good

And as God willing I will be making aliyah this upcoming Tuesday (the second day of Chanuka) with my family on Nefesh B’Nefesh’s Winter flight, I cannot guaruntee that the next couple of weeks will be any better. I will try to post at least one item on every parasha until things are more settled in my personal life. So please stick around.

(When logging in today I noticed that due to some configuration changes that my webhost made to my account without informing me, the blog was not displaying. Sorry about that. Everything is fixed now)

(On a related note, if anyone out there would like to be a guest blogger here for the next few weeks, posting on parashat hashavua/current chagim, please contact me at yaakov – at – parshablog – dot – com.

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